Used Custom Drow 151cm Z-onedoll / HITdoll (SOLD)Zoom

Used Custom Drow 151cm Z-onedoll / HITdoll (SOLD)

Used Custom Drow 151cm Z-onedoll / HITdoll (SOLD)
Item# custom-drow-151cm-zonedoll--hitd151
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When I first ordered this doll, she was from Z-onedoll but there has been a sort of shift in the business world and though it has been explained to me a few times I still mess up which new company has what. Platinum Silicone, 151cm, drow "royal purple" skin tone, lavender eyes, NO FINGER WIRES, with the heating system and voice system they offer. ELF head/ears

Shipping limitations: Buyer to cover shipping costs, or can hand-over within 150mi of San Antonio, TX General location: San Antonio, TX Age of item: 2 months.

Damage to item: Cuts to the back of each hand, make-up on nipples and vigina is peeling. Repairs made: Sealant applied to backs of hands to repair cuts.

When I first ordered this doll I was told I could not get the custom color in TPE so had to try silicone. Though later the offer to make the custom color in TPE was offered, silicone was ordered. I think this is a sexy, fun, amazing representation of a Drow elf. Her ass is amazing! It's bigger/more shapely than my WM 170's Ass! But I discovered that silicone is not for me. I think a lot of people love silicone and it is absolutely the right stuff for them, but I am interested to have learned (through this experience) that I'm a TPE guy.

Here's a chance to pick up a silicone girl for much less than retail.

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